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Dr. Snow Giving Treatment
Dr. Snow

Dr. Snow

certified to practice chiropractic on Mindanao
The Philippine Government has high standards, and specific laws regarding the individuals whom are allowed to practice chiropractic in the Philippines. Currently Dr. Snow is the only individual whom has been certified to practice chiropractic on Mindanao.

Dr. Snow obtained his undergraduate studies at Brigham Young University. In 1975, Dr. Snow received his doctorate of chiropractic at Palmer College of Chiropractic. Dr. Snow passed all his board exams in 1975, and began a rewarding 30-year career in Cupertino, California.


Dr. Snow has grown his small practice here in Davao into one of the largest chiropractic facilities in the Philippines. The services provided include a full spectrum of muscular skeletal diagnosis, and treatment. Complete physical examinations performed on most patients. Testing and examinations include a complete history, radiological studies, neurological, vascular, orthopedic testing, range of motion studies, palpatory evaluation that included evaluation of the muscle tone, joint mobility, and structural functional evaluation.


Dr. Snow is involved in all aspects of the patient’s examination, diagnosis, and treatment.  After a complete evaluation, the patient is informed of the diagnosis, course of treatment, and prognosis expected. Each treatment program is tailored to each specific diagnosis. The course of care provided includes modalities such as ultrasound, transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation, intersegmental or segmental joint traction, trigger point therapy, myofacial release, exercise rehab, taping, casting, bracing, activator, mechanical percussive mobilization, specific spinal adjustment, neuromuscular spinal thalamic stabilization and manipulation.


Dr. Snow received advanced certification in 1992 as a qualified medical examiner for the State of California.  He served as an expert witness in three jury trials, and over 200 arbitration hearings.  Dr. Snow is recognized as an authority on CAD and work injuries. In 1995 Dr. Snow was appointed as panel physician for American Specialty Health, (ASH) which was and still is the largest HMO provider in the United States.


Dr. Snow is the founder and developed Neuomuscular Spinal Thalamic Stabilization Technique. This procedure saves patients time and money in treatment costs.


During the 40 years of private practice, Dr. Snow has been known for his integrity, honesty, and professional abilities. Dr. Snow has been happily married to a Filipina since 2005. He has one Filipina daughter. He owns a lovely home in Davao City. Dr. Snow enjoys flying his paramotor in Polomolok.


Dr. Snow brings teamwork, and enthusiasm to the Davao Chiropractic Clinic. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to call, or send Dr. Snow email at:     

Davao Chiropractic Clinic understands the average Filipino does not have enough income to afford health care. We offer quality care at an affordable price. Our goal is to provide relief of your complaint with just one treatment. One visit to the hospital and you will receive expensive testing such as MRI, x-rays, and blood testing. After these expensive tests. The most common treatment provided is pain pills. At Davao Chiropractic Clinic we offer quality diagnosis and treatment which will get results with just one visit.


The scammer knows they do not offer genuine chiropractic care. The scammer’s only goal is to get as much money from the public as they can. The scammer may convince you that you need 10 or 20 treatments. Davao Chiropractic Clinic has the opposite goal. We offer the public affordable care, getting lasting results, with just one visit.


We have many patients from around the world whom have received chiropractic care. They tell us the chiropractic care they receive at Davao Chiropractic Clinic is the best  chiropractic care they ever received.

Procedures Offered:

Chiropractor Consultation

We at Davao Chiropractic Clinic offer no-charge consultation to determine if your case is a chiropractic case.


Activator Methods

Davao Chiropractic Clinic provides the newest forms of mechanical manipulation. Activator method has advanced over the past 20 years. Davao Chiropracic Clinic offers all the most modern technics available.


Back Pain Treatment

Davao Chiropractic Clinic provides the newest forms of pain management. Dr. Snow is the founder of NeuroMuscular Spinal Thalamic Stabilization Therapy. This procedure offers relief of most pain from just one treatment.


Spinal Manipulation

Davao Chiropractic Clinic offer Gentle Effective adjustment to the spine. We evaluate each vertebrae to determine what segments have vertebral subluxations. The treatment is effective providing relief with just one visit. Specialty techinques available such as Gonstead, Palmer, Diversified, Thompson, Logan, & SOT.


Sports Chiropractic

Davao Chiropractic Clinic offers sports trauma therapy. Damaged muscles, tendons, and ligaments respond to the newest forms of chiropractic sports medicine available.



Davao Chiropractic Clinic offers acupoint therapy for specific musculoskeletal conditions. This procedure uses sterilized needles. The procedure works together with myofacial techincs to provide relief of pain with just one visit.


Spinal Rehabilitation - Neck and Back Injury

Davao Chiropractic Clinic offers 40 years of experience in the treatment and rehabilitation of spinal, muscular, and neurological disorders.


Trigger Point Therapy

Davao Chiropractic Clinic offers four different technics for Trigger Point therapy. All meet the highest standards of care.


Sports Therapy

Sports injuries which require therapy to injuried joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles respond well to the therapies offered at Davao Chiropractic Clinic.



Davao Chiropractic Clinic provides the most effective methods for treating Cervical Acceleration Decelleration trauma (Whiplash). The key to the success in treatment of CAD trauma is treatment as soon as possible after the accident


MLD - Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Davao Chiropractic Clinic treats and gets results from lymphatic swelling. Our procedure is mechanical drainage. The machine we use has specific attachments for lymphatic drainage.



Davao Chiropractic Clinic offers over 15 different technics and procedures for treating myofacial conditions. All are effective. Our staff will evaluate and discuss what procedure works best for you.


Deep Tissue Massage

Davao Chiropractic Clinic offers medical massage procedures. The technics provided offer lasting results. Our trained registered nurses offer the highest quality deep tissue myofacial release procedures available.


CST - Craniosacral Therapy

Davao Chiropractic Clinic uses the SOT technic for treating Craniosacral disorders. Dr. Snow has used these technics for treating patients for over 40 years.


Chiropractic Geriatrics

Davao Chiropractic Clinic daily treats retired patients whom have suffered with pain for years. After just one visit most older patients leave pain free.

Our Clinic Understands Your Needs

Davao Chiropractic Clinic

Davao Chiropractic Clinic

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