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The Philippine public wastes millions of pesos every year with scammers whom cheat innocent victims from receiving genuine Chiropractic health care. These imposters print out their own credentials, learning everything they know from the Internet.  These Scammers do not have a doctorate, or any kind of formal chiropractic training.  Do not risk possible disability or even death from imitation chiropractic treatments.


A chiropractor is a licensed physician. A chiropractor is a medical specialty. A chiropractor has a bachelor of science, and passed a four year doctorate program. A chiropractor serves a one year residency. A chiropractor is trained to diagnose and treat the entire body. Philippine law requires even a Medical physician to return for post doctorate training to become certified to provide chiropractic care.


Barcinas-Ristau Chiropractor Clinic at Alexian Brother Medical Center, Davao City, is an example of a imposter chiropractor. No one there has any training or qualifications to tell the public they offer chiropractic care. These people have been told by the department of health to STOP telling the public they offer chiropractic health care. Yet they continue to scam the public out of millions of pesos for care which is NOT genuine chiropractic health care.


Please call and verify the fact that Wolfgang Ristau is an imposter pretending to be a chiropractor. Call the Department of Health (PITAHC), speak to "Juris,"  and the Philippine Council on Chiropractic Certification.  Department of Health - Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care, Inc (PITAHC) PITAHC Building, Matapang Street East Avenue Medical Center Compound, Barangay Central, Quezon City 1101 • Telephone: (02) 376-3067 / 3068

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