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Our Office Guarantee


Chiropractic treatment is truly amazing. Most Filipino's are not familiar with the wonders of a genuine chiropractic adjustments. Many patients say their first visit to our clinic is like magical. The new patients we treat daily, enjoy the immediate results from the benefits of chiropractic treatment.  A majority of the patients have already received treatment from a Quack chiropractor, hilot, massage therapist, physical therapist, and are using pain medication to obtain temporary relief. These patient are still suffering because the treatment offered has not been genuine chiropractic care.


Genuine Chiropractic Adjustments "Get Results," on the the first visit. Our Clinic Guarantee is that if the patient does not "Get Results" on their first treatment. The cost of the adjustment is FREE! 


Get Results.... What does that statement mean? That means the patient notes a change toward the positive. The patient themselves can see that the treatment provides partial, or complete relieve of their complaints.


No other health care facility will offer this kind of promise. Our clinic Get Results on the first visit, or the adjustment is FREE. You will be happy with the results you receive from the treatment provided by Davao Chiropractic Clinic.  Make an Appointment Today.

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