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What Responds To Chiropractic?

  • Headaches • High Blood Pressure • Dizzyness • Jaw Pain or Popping • Neck Stiffness or Pain • Shoulder and Arm Pain • Elbow, Hand, and Wrist Pain • Chest Pain • Stomach Pain • Painful Menstrual Cycle • Middle Back Pain • Lower Back Pain • Hip,  Leg, and Foot Pains or Numbness • Arthritis • Curvature of the Spine, and Scoliosis.

The formal naming of Chiropractic care was made by a man name David Daniel Palmer in 1895.  The name is derived from the Latin name for hand, which is, "CHIRO." The practice of providing care for the sick is called Practics. Hence the name Chiropractic means to treat the sick with the hands.  The actual art of using the hands to give manipulation to the body has been done by humans for thousands of years. There are records traced back even before ancient Egypt that illustrate humans using manipulation for the treatment of illness.

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Chiropractic is recognized as mainstream health care in over 100 countries worldwide.  Most of these countries have established a board of examiners to regulate the doctor of chiropractic.  The licensure procedure established in most countries requires the doctor of chiropractic to pass the same examination as their counter part medical physician.  The scholastic, and practical training of chiropractor include the diagnosis of the entire human body.  Since the chiropractor is allowed to diagnose, and treat the whole body, the chiropractor is also called a physician.

In the Philippines a Chiropractor is regulated under the Philippines Institute of Traditional, and Alternative Health Care (PITAHC). All practicing Chiropractors must be certified with PITAHC to practice in the Philippines. These certified Chiropractors have been certified under the standards of the World Heath Organization.  As of August 2011 there were only 14 certified Chiropractors serving 105 million Filipino's.  Always ask to see the Chiropractor's Diploma. If the individuals calling themselves a Chiropractor cannot provide you with a copy of their Doctorate Diploma; this individual is most likely a scam artist.  Currently Dr. Snow is the only Philippine Certified Chiropractor on Mindanao.

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The studies, and research into the science of Chiropractic are recognized worldwide. There are 29 Chiropractic colleges worldwide. None of these Chiropractic Colleges are located in the Philippines.  These are doctorial programs, which require a undergraduate degree from a recognized university. The doctorial degree is awarded after a four-year course, and a one-year residency. Many regions of the world recognize the Chiropractor as the primary health provider. This requires the Chiropractor to learn general practice skills such as minor surgery, and obstetrics.

It is commonplace that Chiropractic care is accepted and very popular in society. The consumer must be cautions, and aware that massage therapists, and physical therapist will often portray themselves as a Chiropractor. In fact they do not have the training, or offer Chiropractic treatment. The patient needs to be concerned that scammer treatment being offered as Chiropractic care may well cause injury rather than offer help for their disorder.  A massage therapist, and physical therapist are as qualified to provide Chiropractic care, as they are to provide treatment for a patients dental needs.  A physical therapist, and massage therapist are secondary health care providers whom are required to receive a diagnosis for treatment from a primary health care provider. A medical professional should make informed decisions, which recognize the fact a physical therapist is NOT trained to provide the skills of a Chiropractor.  When the medical provider has diagnosed that the patient requires spinal manipulation. The medical physician should refer the patient to the professional which is trained, and qualified to provide such services. That professional would be the Chiropractor. 

There are many Internet sites a patient can visit to complete their education about Chiropractic. We have listed two websites we feel are fact based.

European educational website:

 If you need additional information regarding Chiropractic. Please contact Dr. Snow at Davao Chiropractic Clinic.

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